Sunday, April 27, 2008

Anjas 3rd Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated Anjas 3rd birthday. We had some friends over and I think a good day was had by all. For six hours we had people coming and going, taking kids to other events etc, leaving early, coming late, it all worked out well. I think most people got some food, had a few drinks and said hello to everybody.

She was looking her very best yesterday courtesy of Granny Owens who sent the dress from Ireland. This has become a tradition although not planned that way. Granny Owens sent her the dresses she wore when she turned one and again when she turned two. Incidently she also sent the dress that Isabel wore yesterday.

It was all a bit too much for Anja really. She had been so excited about having this party for weeks and yesterday she seemed to hide in her shell, despite literally knowing almost everybody there all her life. This climaxed at cake time when she could not build enough courage to blow out the candles. She was fine later in the evening when most went home.

I have posted almost 100 pictures of the day to our web album space but a few select shots are shown below. I like the picture of Anja with the three girls that love Anja almost as much as we do; Michelle our first nanny who looked after her for six months. Then Lindsay of course who was with us for almost two years and now Kristina.

Once again, we must say a huge thank you to all who gave so many presents. There were so many - Thank you!



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