Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Reasonably typical weekend passing. Chores are almost complete, we are about to visit Brad & Lisa (her birthday), we had breakfast with Randy & Lorraine yesterday, weather has been OK but not spectacular, I went for a walk with Isabel this morning while Lynne and Anja went shopping, I managed to get an 11 mile run in yesterday, Davey and Sam called for a chat yesterday evening, Lynnes spoke with Jo, her school friend yesterday (Hi Jo) then her Mum called this morning, we then had a nice relaxing family dinner and after baths and some adult relaxing we all hit the bed reasonably early. All in all a very typical weekend, of course as noted Isabel has started crawling in earnest!

Next weekend promises a little more excitement. Most of our friends will walk in our annual March of Dimes walk and we will host a small party for Anja's third birthday afterward. Should be fun, no doubt I will have an update next week.

A few pictures below from the action packed week with Kristina. It was a beautiful week and they spent lots of time outside. Kristina also went out and bought lots of crafts, the finger paint was a hit (see the red bird house which Anja painted in the background).

Have a good week everybody!




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