Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jam from the Garden

Lynne, our house Martha Stewart, was busy making jam this morning (and this was all before 8 am). Yesterday she picked 2.5lbs of blackcurrants from the garden which were added to the pound from last week. Delia Smith was consulted, she is a famous English cook who has published several classic cooking texts, and quite a few pots of Blackcurrant Jam were ready before I had even finished my morning coffee (by which time she had also whipped up two batches of banana muffins (yum), using another receipe from no other than Delia!!



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Bruno and Sheri said...

Hi Lynne! It has been a very good year for blackcurrents in CT too. We have more than we can eat at the moment, but they do freeze very well. The big question around here is whether we really need to "top and tail" every blackcurrent, or whether we can leave the tails on them without them getting too "gritty". What do you do for making jam?

Bruno (and Sheri too).