Monday, July 14, 2008

Yellow Themes

Shown below are a few pictures that never made it to these pages from a few weeks back.

Not much going on this end. Lynne is travelling today, left at an unholy hour this morning and will not return until after 11pm tonight. A one day business trip to the East coast is not much fun, and she will do it again this Friday!

Davey and Sam landed OK in Egypt, be sure to keep an eye on their blog as they tour the world (there is a link in the sidebar).

Sheri - I will ask Lynne for the Blackcurrant jam recipe, however, I'm pretty sure it's as simple as: 1-1.25lbs sugar for each pound of fruit. Then she added about 1 pint of water for the 4lbs she made into jam. This was boiled for about 1.5 hours and then jarred up!! That's the rough outline anyhow!!

Hope your week is going well everybody!




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Davey and Sammy said...

Wow, Isabel is so like you Paul, it's uncanny. We can see more of Lynne in Anja every day.