Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week's Vacation on the Bike

This last week was our second week of vacation of the year. We decided to stay at home and try doing some fun stuff together. Kristina came to work last week so she was looking after the girls (Kristina, thank you, I'm sure it wasn't easy last week with us hanging around).

We intended doing a bike ride each day but our plans were slightly thwarted earlier in the week with Anja's sickness.

My last post indicated that we were waiting for the results of a mouth swab to confirm Strep Throat. Well it was negative so the next day we trotted back to the doctor to sequentially pursue a urine test in the morning and a chest X-Ray in the afternoon to evaluate whether she had a bacterial infection in either her urinary tract or lungs. Neither as it turned out, but she was still spiking a fever well into Wednesday, after which it mysteriously abated. So after almost a week of fever and several doctor visits and tests, it was viral and passed in its own time, after lots of fever reducing medication.

We were able to get back to some relaxation on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, did a few 40 mile rides together. All told I managed to cycle 197 miles through the back roads of Indiana over the week (Lynne took Friday off). It was lots of fun.

Also managed lots of smaller chores during teh visit, haircuts all round, trip to the bank and local health authority to collect Isabels birth cert and lots more..even got to read the paper each day.

The picture below, one of my favourites, is from a bike ride event we did in 2003 in Bloomington Indiana, The Hilly Hundred, before the girls were born. We did a lot of biking together back then so it was nice to be out on the roads together again this week.

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