Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Isabel is now walking. I don't really have any photos of her doing this yet since she's not exactly running around the place. She will take very deliberate steps between two people with outstretched hands. She can easily accomplish 5-10 steps before she inevitably comes crashing down. She is so excited when doing this, it's so much fun to see.

Anja is sick, I had her at urgent care this morning. She has had a spiking fever all weekend in addition to complaints of a sore tummy and mouth. Her throat has been swabbed and the results of this test await before we pull the trigger on treating Strep Throat tomorrow with goes on!

We had Steef, Ginette & Marissa over for dinner last night. We had a great evening, the weather was perfect, we simply sat outside and chatted about life and the kids of course. Marissa is getting so big and so aware of her environment. We enjoyed the evening guys, thanks for coming over. I just noticed that they had posted lots of excellent pictures from the evening on their blog

We all spoke with uncle Davey this morning. I installed Skype again yesterday in anticipation of catching him online and sure enough this morning he was sitting in a wireless area in Cairo. We all got to say hello, he even saw the kids since we have a webcam with a built in speaker. It was great to speak with him, it was funny having him recount the story of how they were conned yesterday. You can get all the details on their blog.




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