Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Contact from an Old Friend and Neighbour

A couple of days ago I received an email from an old friend, Fiona Lunt. She was a neighbor of ours when we were growing up in Ballybride, which is a small township outside the town of Roscommon.

She is now living in Boston, married and calling herself Fiona Duncan. She didn’t happen to mention her husband’s name but she did send some pictures of her two lovely kids, Tara who is almost 4 and Rory who is 2.

It was great to hear from her. We traded emails and of course I’m due to email her back (this is pretty typical). She offered her house for a visit sometime to Boston, something that we may indeed take her up on since I’ve never actually been. Thanks for emailing Fiona, hope the girls are doing well and the move went smoothly.

All is well on other fronts here in Indiana. I took Isabel for a one week X-ray check up this morning. She appears to be healing well and is actually starting to sleep a little better again. She is also moving around as if she had never anything wrong with her! Yes, you guessed it, she is climbing on all sorts of stuff again.


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