Sunday, August 10, 2008

Isabels First Birthday

Isabel will turn one year on Monday and since that day is normally not conducive to having relaxed gatherings with friends, we celebrated her first birthday yesterday. The weather was absolutely perfect, very unlike August in Indiana. Warm (75F) and not at all humid.

Friends came and went throughout the day and generally a good time was had by all. She managed to just about squeeze into the dress my Mum sent over for the occasion. Lynne carved a watermelon party pig; we had lots of grilled items and the mandatory cake and ice cream of course. As is customary on first birthdays, I think the adults and older kids enjoyed the treats better than Isabel.

Lots of photos were taken of course, many of which are posted to our web album space and naturally a few selected below. When she was crawling about with her cast, she was continually getting caught up in her dress and it is for this reason that she appears in many photos without it.

Many thanks to everybody who came and made this a special day for Isabel, we all enjoyed it.




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Davey and Sammy said...

Happy belated birthday Isabel, you look darn good in that party dress - we hope you enjoyed the party enormously.

Apologies for not sending a card, we are a little trown by the days, weeks and months at the moment - but we are thinking of you an all.

Best regards, uncle Davey and antie Sammy. XXXX