Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hmmm ....What do you do...Laugh or Cry?

This is what I had to deal with this morning! The real advantage of having your children get a little older is that they need less and less constant oversight. Of course I may wish to revise this sentiment in later years but for now, roll with me. Last night long after I put Anja to bed I started to hear the familiar pitter patter across the landing floor, over and back a few times. It didn’t sound good so I went to investigate. Anja had found literally the only items of make-up that Lynne possesses. Mascara all over her hands and face.

This little episode was then followed by what greeted me this morning! There was this thick aqueous cream all over her hair. I was quite angry and inside was also dying with laughter. I did a poor job of conveying my sentiments since I started laughing mid way through our little chat!



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