Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mostly Sick!!

It has been a tough week here on Hillcrest Rd and not just because Lynne was away. Isabel was under the weather early in the week with a sporadic fever which was then picked up by Anja on Tuesday. We have had several 4-5am starts to the day and on Wednesday morning had a trip to see the doctor. Everybody has caught a virus, a nasty rotavirus that is going around. This spread further by the end of the week with Kristina calling in ill on Friday and myself feeling quite under the weather. Headache, sore throat, aching all get the picture. We are going to try laying low for the weekend.

In a time of falling house and real estate prices, there is one popular place round here at the moment. Lynne's lap. The girls, each of them feeling ill, are dueling like we have never seen previously for Lynne's attention and comfort. Daddy simply does not cut it but I do understand how it feels since it was my lap that was the hottest ticket in town when Lynne was away.

Lynne returned safe and sound Thursday night. She enjoyed meeting old and new friends in Denmark. HÃ¥kan, Eva-Lotta and Tindra, many thanks for all the presents.

Lynne's Mum has settled in perfect, we are glad to have her this week to help out with ailing bodies. I hope you are all feeling better than we are, enjoy the weekend!

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