Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not much to report......

We don't really have much to report from this weeks activities. Lynne was away for two nights, an overnight trip to The University of Minnesota at Minneapolis. That was the highlight of the week.

The skiing trip was a big success last weekend. I've no pictures yet, I'm waiting to get some from others. The drive up there was long and necessary. The hotel was great, a very family friendly place and we'd certainly recommend it. The skiing was OK, Anja thoroughly enjoyed it though so mission accomplished. She wants to know when we are going back. The drive back was terrible, snow and screaming kids...

The weather here in West Lafayette has taken a nose dive south again this weekend. We had snow again yesterday and today the temperature is back in the teens. It's currently -10C so we are bundled up inside, reading books, painting, playing dress-up, reading books, watching Disney movies, you get the picture. We are waiting for Spring to save our sanity.....Of course it doesn't help looking at both Jonathan and Davey's blogs, both are down under and cannot seem to stop torturing us with pictures and tales of beach trips...nice!!

Anyhow, enjoy the week everybody.



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