Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sleepy Weekend!

We're having a rather relaxed weekend here on this end!!

Our night out in Indianapolis at the theatre went very well. The show was not the best but the whole night out and away on our own with adult company was perfect. We made a short trip to Trader Joe's on the way home, it's this really cool food shop where one can find all sorts of delights, anyway we picked up lots of goodies. Last night we had Kaisa, Kevin & girls over to dinner for a fun night.

This morning we had a chance to catch up with my brother Clive and Tracey about the plans for their wedding later this year. We will shortly be booking flights.

Today we went to Michah's birthday party, she is Kristina's four year old niece. We got back and all had a little nap, the girls are still asleep.

Shown below are two pictures of the girls that I really like. They are both playing very nice for the camera (Kristina took the picture of Anja). Then there is the picture of what they are like most of the day, a mess, playing with each other and generally having fun!




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