Thursday, February 05, 2009

Night at the Theatre

Tomorrow night we have another night off!! Randy and Lorraine are taking their grandchildren to a children's show at the Lafayette Symphony (Instrument Petting Zoo) and wanted to also take the girls. That includes a sleep over... yippee (Thank You !)

We are taking advantage with an adult night out in Indianapolis. We are going to meet a colleague of mine from work for dinner at a place called The Elements (yum) followed by a show at the Phoenix Theatre called The Seafarer. Here is their synopsis which I thought sounded interesting indeed. Have a nice weekend all...

It’s Christmas Eve in Dublin. In the rundown house where Sharky cares for his blind brother, old acquaintances gather for a card game—joined by an ominous stranger. As the booze flows and the game intensifies, Sharky discovers he is playing for his soul. In this Faustian, darkly humorous tale frought with suspense, celebrated playwright Conor McPherson examines how we face the demons of our past as we struggle to find redemption.

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