Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trip to Ireland

I was working in the UK last week, Leeds to be specific, and since I had to be there early in the week, I traveled on Friday night to stay the weekend with my Family in Ireland. It was a short but intensive family catch up.

I travelled to Roscommon where I grew up and managed to see Mum, Dad, my sister Eilish, many aunts and uncles, a few cousins and many more. It was great to see everybody.

One highlight of the weekend was being able to go to a local pub with Eilish my sister to watch the Ireland Rugby Team play the last match of this years Six Nations. A very special year since Ireland had a chance to win the Grand Slam (when a team wins all five of their matches). It is quite a feat and Ireland had not accomplished this in 61 years. This was an extremely special treat for me since I normally have to follow these matches on the BBC website by getting text updates every 5 mins. This match I got to watch live in a pub in Ireland with wall to wall fans screaming at every touch of the ball. It was a very tight game which came down to the final kick of the game, Wales had a chance to win but missed the kick....champions!! You can read a write-up on this historic game here.

More on my trip to Ireland later....

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runthehill said...

Sounds like you picked the perfect weekend to head home Paul - it certainly was efficient and action packed! :)