Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Update

We have been keeping a low profile of late, sorry!!

We have been warming up to Spring over the last few weeks. Today was picture perfect, if not a little windy. No major news to report but these weeks have not been without incident. Lynne has been away for a few days, she spent 5 days in a hotel conference room in New Jersey (nice). We were over at the Mauer's house for Reina's birthday which is always fun. We had an Easter egg hunt. We had our first ever Chuckie Cheese experience (something else).

This weekend we will be having a get together for Anja's birthday. The weather is promised good, friends coming over, fire up the grill, cool down some beer, blow out some candles, enjoy some ice-cream...sing happy birthday. What could be more enjoyable?

I'm in full training mode for my half marathon, scheduled for 02 May. Managed an 11 mile training run last Saturday with Bill and Brad. It went well so I'm confident. If you are interested you can check my training log.

Hope you are all doing well.


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Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Anja!! :)