Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Visit with Mary and Jimmy

My trip report to Ireland could not be complete without mentioning that Eilish and myself called in on Mary and Jimmy McConn, our Uncle and Aunt. Jimmy has been diagnosed with Lung cancer, has been treated several times with chemotherapy and radiation and has fought it vigoursly over the last few months. He looked great when we met with him and Mary. It was nice to see them both, particularly since they virtually always came to Roscommon to see me when I was returning home for a few days.

I came away from our visit with enormous admiration for their love for each other. During our discussions whilst there, despite been ill, Jimmy was adament that they were to take a holiday this year and that despite his illness "he and Mary were as happy today as they had ever been through their marriage". This sentiment was equally matched by observing how well Mary was caring for Jimmy. Many have done so but I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to care for a loved one through a serious illness, it requires a special bond, forged over time, that holds one together through both the good and bad times.

We are thinking of you all.

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