Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend we chilled out quite a bit as normal, hung out and did a few things, plodded through the weekend, generally took it easy. Lynne and Pat managed to dive into new territory and made a few sausages on Saturday afternoon. They tasted pretty good (I was the chief taster) but with room for improvement. This was all prior to Pat returning home on Saturday afternoon. I think she had a very enjoyable three weeks although understandably she's always very emotional when she leaves.

We all manged our usual exercise regimen. I ran 5 miles, Lynne biked 30 on Saturday and this morning we all went out for a family bike ride. Weather was perfect, took a little picnic, did a 20 mile loop on the back roads of Indiana and managed to get everyone home exhausted.

Anja and I took in our second trip to the movies to see Pixar's new adventure - UP. It is very good. I truly enjoyed it....not sure about Anja :))

I'm also pretty excited, we just booked a summer vacation. A week on the beach in Fort Myers in Florida. Leaving in two weeks....yippee!! Check out our accommodations and an image of the Fort Myers Beach.

Hope you all have a great week!



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