Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Imogen Heap

I don't buy music albums very often anymore, I'm guessing that's the case with many people given the trend in music sales. Online sales and illegal downloads aside, that is. Anyhow, on my way home from work today I heard a great segment on NPR featuring an artist called Imogen Heap.

The NPR segment took me to a You Tube clip of a song on her most recent album and I was petty impressed, so much so that I just purchased the actual album. Thought I'd share. This won't be everybody's cup of tea (as they say in Ireland), but some may like it. Enjoy!

Had some great food tonight by the way. I decided to try something different and stopped by an Ethiopian Restaurant in Indianapolis called Abyssinia. Lynne and I love Ethiopian food, any East African food really, and this was a real treat!!


Clive said...

Hi Paul,

Yes i agree, she has a good sounding voice and has reasonable vocal range. Its funny, you were driving home and got referred to a song called "First train home" so perhaps the lyrics had an impact on your mood after a day at work, i call it good timing :) from a sales perspective and god knows how many others all felt something sililar - if it was Friday :) it could be even funnier :)
Note: no other band members in the video so I guess the background music is completley manufactured!

Love from Mauritius!
Clive x

Paul said...

Hi Clive,

If you listen to the interview segment on NPR (link also highlighted), you will get a great sense of her abilities to make music including all the background stuff.. It was a very good interview!!