Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shanghai Update

Things are going well in Shanghai. Weather is beautiful, 60-70 C with no humidity. This is such a big city, it’s simply incredible. Most of our hosts are claiming its over 23 million people. We drove 45 minutes across town yesterday and there were skyscrapers for miles, with many many high rise apartment buildings.

I’m having a little trouble with the 12hour time difference. Its hard to remain focused in the afternoons at the companies I’m visiting and I’m generally wide away from 4am.

Food is really nice. Mostly vegetables actually and not a lot of meat being served. I have not eaten any additional new or exotic items since my last post. Have had some interesting and different white teas that were flower based.

The air around the city is pretty thick with smog or something similar. As you could see from my earlier picture, it is difficult to see much more than a couple hundred meters. As I look out the window this morning, its pretty bad!!

I have not had a chance to take any more photos, sorry! I’ll trying getting some today!!

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