Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sleep Fairy

Ever hear of the Sleep Fairy when you were growing up? Not me. In our house, growing up in Ireland with a house full of boys and one girl, if you didn't go to sleep when put to bed, the results were often not pretty. Well in todays new world of parenting, kids have to be coaxed into everything.

Since we returned from Ireland, Isabel has had trouble sleeping, or rather staying in her bed once she is put to bed. To be fair she has had a lot going on in her little life but sometimes, the up and down from bed would go on for hours. That was until we bought the Sleep Fairy Book. There is also an accompanying website.

The story is simple enough, two little girls will not stay in bed...that is until they read about the Sleep Fairy. I will not spoil everybody's fun totally, but the Sleep Fairy operates much like the Tooth Fairy, that is, if little girls (and boys apparently) stay in bed and go straight to sleep, the Fairy leaves a very small gift for them (really small and oftentimes something they need:).

It's working wonderfully for us, quiet as mice,............we LOVE the Sleep Fairy!!

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