Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Tonight I have made another promise to myself, one of those that may end up like a New Years resolution, great idea at the time but will never last. I'll have to see in this case.

The girls are constantly coloring, drawing, painting, writing etc etc. They generate masses of paper, mostly with scribble or a mess, but once in a while when they concentrate it looks good. To date this is Anja only but I'm Isabel will get there eventually. To date we have been throwing these out, simply because we have not been sufficiently organized but also given the amount of paper. So, I'm going to try keeping some of the best stuff by scanning it and keeping an electronic copy. This will take some of the guilt from throwing away their "Original Art". Lets see how long this great idea lasts I can hear you all say. I'd say the same quite frankly but I'm going to give it a shot.

Periodically, I'll share some. These two were generated today. You can see that Anja both did a drawing of a heart and wrote some names. Brooke (our new nanny), Anja and Isabel (she needs to work on her S's). Not bad I think for a 4 and a half year old! We're proud of her!

(post publishing thought, given how good the second picture looks, we need to check who indeed painted this picture. We now think it may have been Kristina). If it was, Kristina we are thinking of you!!

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