Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Back Brewin..Christmas Ale!

Today I had a lot of fun. First, we had breakfast with Randy and Lorraine. Nothing like getting up on a Sunday morning and piling the kids into the van to go have a hot cooked breakfast and a lazy Sunday morning.

In the afternoon, whilst Lynne and the girls stayed an played with Randy and Lorraine, I went to play with some grown up boys and brewed some beer (we also drank some beer). Yes I brewed a batch of beer today for the first time in almost three years. I enjoyed it a lot. I had help, Dave and Phil, two guys I have not known very long were there to help, add moral support, have some fun and help me with those beers.

We brewed a Christmas Ale, slightly late for the actual holiday but it will be just about ready for new year.

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Lindsay said...

Has it really been three years? I didn't know you had stopped brewing while I was nannying for you guys. I never did get in the beer fridge, so I suppose I wouldn't have noticed! :)

I hope all is well, and I hope you like the Christmas Ale! I can't wait to hear the news of the newest Owens baby! :)