Monday, November 09, 2009

Pregnancy Update - 4 Weeks to Go

I haven’t mentioned much over the last few months about our next baby. I’m a little superstitious by nature so I tend and try not to tempt fate in any way by being too celebratory or excited prior to the baby’s arrival. Totally irrational I know, but we’re all allowed our quirks! There will be plenty of time for excitement later!

That being said, we (the royal we) reached 36 weeks yesterday and with under 4 weeks until the official due date, we are starting to get excited. As you know, it really could be any day now. Lynne went two and one week over with Anja and Isabel, respectively but this time she is convinced that this baby will arrive on my birthday, Dec 2nd - we’ll have to see!

Not sure if everybody knows, but according to the scan that we had at 18 weeks, there was little doubt as to the sex. It’s a boy! Of course one is never sure until the moment of arrival but those reading the scan were pretty convinced!

Lynne is doing very well. Still eating and drinking all the right things and indeed not eating and drinking the wrong things. As she did with the first two, her dedication to the unborn’s nutritional needs is amazing! She’s also swimming and cycling a lot, exercising to ensure she has strength for the birth. She’s also pretty busy at work, probably as busy as she has ever been. She hasn’t slowed down one bit, despite two active kids and a husband who jetted off to China for a week! She is an incredible woman with immeasurable inner strength, resource and determination. She will also be a fantastic mother third time too.

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