Monday, December 07, 2009

Connor Day Two....more pictures

I’ve uploaded many more pictures to our web album space and also in a little slide show shown below.

Many thanks to everyone for your kind words in welcoming Connor into the world. You have emailed, texted, commented on the blog and called, we really appreciate it. Indeed we have even received emails from many friends from Sweden, the UK and Ireland, it was great to hear from you all again…..I’ll email soon….you have heard that before….right…J.

Today was a day of over and back to the hospital. I had a chance to hang out over there with Connor and Lynne this morning but the girls still need a lot of attention. Indeed, Isabel has already shown signs of overt clinginess which is not being helped by a real nasty cough which ensure that she does not sleep very well. I was cleaning sick from our bed last night at 3.30am as a result of her violent coughing. We are dreading the thought of Connor getting this (Anja had the same last week).

Anyhow, enjoy the photos and check back tomorrow. They all come home tomorrow which is really exciting, another man in this house of girls!! Lynne took this nice picture below but I'm still waiting to get everyone in one shot. I need a family photographer (Lisa our friend and regular photographer at these family events is in Germany)


Lindsay said...

If you need someone to shoot a family pic, I would LOVE to stop over quickly tomorrow or the next day! It could be a little tradition...I snapped the first family pic with Isabel! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys! Connor is so handsome, I can't wait to meet him!