Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New Family Portrait

Yesterday, Connor’s first day home was quite busy so I didn’t get a chance to let you know how we’re all doing. We collected him and Lynne around noon (we needed to buy a new car seat but that story will be for another day), and once we got home and between getting settled in, feeds, naps, the girls being hyper around Connor, photos and dinner time just slipped away.

We did get a new family portrait, however. Lindsay whom I’m sure you all remember (our second nanny) came over to visit with her two children, Ruby and Burke, and she was at hand to snap a new family photo. She also took the new family photo from when Isabel arrived home which we had on our website for the longest time. Thanks Lindsay, it was great to see you and I’ll post the other photos in a little while!

Last night is now behind us and it truly lived up to the Owens Taylor tradition of first night at home. Lynne and I were tag teaming literally all night. I think Connor spent about 10 minutes in his new crib and we spend hours walking and cat napping. Just for the record, Anja and Isabel were just as bad; babies do not do well (in our experience) that first night home!

and...just to embarrass Isabel in later years. She thought it hilarious that her bum and not her would be part of the new family picture. Literally this is what she wanted. Those of you that know Isabel's blossoming personality, will recognize this!

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Anonymous said...

Isabel for sure is one of a kind!! Cute Bum!!!