Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kristina at Bethy's house

Isabel was very brave and incredibly cute yesterday during her first ever visit to a dentist. We normally take them with one of us when they are two and half years, just to get used to visiting the dentist. They don’t do much on the first visit other than play on the chair a little, the dentist counts their teeth and they get a sticker for all that!! If only it were that easy for adults! Notice how Ariel, Isabel’s baby also got a small bib!

We had a very exciting evening yesterday. Bethy, Kristina’s mother had a Christmas party at her house for her grandchildren, daycare children and a whole host of other friends and family’s children. I think there were seventeen in all. Boy did they run around and play together!

Anyhow, the girls were hyper about meeting Kristina for the first time in almost three months and I think Kristina was equally excited. She looked great by the way, her sickness seems to have settled and her baby, a boy, is now slowly growing!

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