Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Major Trip Down memory Lane!

Yesterday’s post about the Cook Islands with Carina and Björn spurred me into doing a project that I"ve being meaning to do for a very very long time. Go through all our old photos and get them arranged for digital imaging! Wow…what a trip down memory lane. I must have looked at 6-7000 photos today (it did take me several hours). I have thrown most away but  have about 2000 ready for scanning (more on that later). This has given me a huge database of blogging material. I came across way too many photos of drunken nights and silly faces…

I came across an old family portrait which I scanned myself at home. This was taken when Mum and Dad celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary which would have been October 1995. What do you think?

Moreover, how have we fared since then? The photo below was taken the night prior to Clive and Tracey's wedding this year! We did get an official photo taken but I've not yet seen it yet!

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