Monday, December 21, 2009

What a Difference a Decade Makes......

I was combing through some old files this evening and came across the one below. It's a picture of Lynne, myself, Carina and Björn, two very very good and dear friends of ours from our time in Sweden.

That picture was taken on the Island of Aitutaki, one of the fifteen coral islands belonging to The Cook Islands dotted literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean somewhere. If you know nothing about these islands you must look into them, they are a hidden treasure that in our earlier lives we were lucky enough to spend six weeks visiting! This picture was taken on Christmas Day. I know this since we are drinking  Glögg (seen in the picture). Set the scene...we are on this paradise island, the weather is something else, just in from scuba diving and a day at the beach and we are drinking a mulled wine from Sweden designed to celebrate the cold, long dark nights!

Roll the clock forward a few years, almost ten! Between the four of us we now have six kids, four girls and two boys! Chances are we're not likely to visit the Cook Islands anytime soon (I write this with a chuckle since right now I can't even imagine visiting the grocery store with all three kids).

Anyhow, we've had fun tonight reminiscing over the Cook Islands once I stumbled across this old photo. Then..., this is not a joke, we received a card from Carina and Björn with a picture of their family in 2009.

Carina and Björn: - Merry Christmas and a Happy New's to another trip to the Cooks...someday!
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Lindsay said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! What fun pictures!! :) Paul, a blonde?? Oh my! Too much! :) And I truly love Carina and Bjorn's family picture. You can tell they love to have fun as a family.

I'm glad you're all doing well enough that you're getting some time to blog. :)

Merry Christmas to you all!

Lorraine Myer said...

I never knew you had blonde hair at one time!!! Sorry to say, but you don't fit the mode. I wondered if it had happened after a night of too much indulgence.