Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mimicking Mummy!

It’s Funny thing how nature works really. The other day as Lynne was feeding Connor, Isabel was desperate to be close to Lynne and feed her baby. Just like Anja was at her age when Isabel first arrived home, Isabel is currently obsessed with baby dolls. Add to this then the fact that we are spending a lot of time with Connor, Isabel is mimicking a lot of what we do.

This is a picture from the other day. she is feeding her baby whilst Lynne fed Connor beside her (but out of shot). I think I may literally get shot of I posted one of those online :)

I pulled up some old photos of Anja when Isabel was one month old. Just like her sister now,  she loved feeding her baby too. She has no interest now of course, she has moved on since then.

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