Sunday, January 03, 2010

Back to the Grind!

That’s it folks, back to the grind tomorrow. I’ll be returning to work after having had one month off to the day, my last day in the office was 4th December. Since then we have had a new baby, had Christmas and New Year, had Pat (mother in-law) visit twice, have done numerous chores and odd jobs, blogged a lot as you know, relaxed a lot but at the same time we were quite busy! Tomorrow all that comes to an end and the commute, work, commute drill starts anew! I have so enjoyed this last month!

Shown are a few pictures that try to personify the month!

A new and pound Mummy and Daddy (Daddy is behind the camera which is appropriate since I have spent a lot of time there this last month!

Some bubbly on the day of Connor’s arrival with Pat who has been a tremendous help.

Two new sisters, who right now care a little more about how pretty their dresses are each day.

Finally, a picture from Lorraine and Randy’s house, we have been there a few times this month to periodically get out of the house and to have something for the girls to do. We were so glad to have somewhere so warm, comforting and simply so welcoming. Thanks to you both!

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Lindsay said...

Have a safe trip to work! Please let Lynne and Brooke know that I'm free and available to help if they need anything at all! :)

Paul said...

Thanks Lindsay, will do!!

SKY said...

Nice family... A wonderful day and happy new year 2010