Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend Update

We are gearing up for the weekend here in WL. No major plans, primarily since Connor is still very unpredictable and the weather has taken a nasty dive into sub freezing temperatures. The girls and myself will go swimming as normal, I try taking them swimming at least once a weekend which they love, there will be the shopping and other chores to attend to but we’ll get through it. I’ve been off today which has been great. I get 5 days paternity leave and have been taking them on Fridays. Next week, however, will be my last.

I took a few pictures yesterday of Connor in one of Granny Owens’s presents. As you can see they contribute to his cuteness.

We just booked a vacation home for our summer holidays, a cabin in the woods two miles from Saugatuck. I’ll post on that later. Have a nice weekend!

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