Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mummy's Boy?

I would post a little more often if I had anything interesting to add. The girls have had a nasty cough this week which has slowed them down (just a little though). Connor is very well, growing quickly, feeding well and sleeping (sporadically). Generally though, we are all very well.

Still snowed in here. I was actually supposed to travel to Washington DC this last week but my presentation got cancelled (at the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine). I'll probably have to travel now the week after next.

I do have one exciting note to add, I recently upgraded our TV service to include BBC America which meant that got to see the England v Wales game last week and although I was very excited to see the Irish playing the French this weekend, the result obviously left me a little deflated. Now there is only the Ireland v England game to really look forward to. An additional advantage of this new TV package is getting to see some quirky British TV and some premier league games too. Enjoy the week everybody!

I took this photo about an hour ago!
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