Sunday, February 28, 2010

Short Update....

We are all feeling a little better here, relative to my post earlier in the week. The girls and Connor are mostly over their illness thanks to daily nebulizer treatments. I was also given an inhaler by the nurse at work this week so I’m also feeling a little better, although this nasty bug is lingering. Unfortunately, however, both Lynne and Brooke also now have symptoms which is not altogether surprising.

Other than this, no real substantive news update. We had Randy and Lorraine over for a dinner of wild caught Alaskan Keta Salmon last night and as a special treat for us all, Kay, their long-time friend from Chicago was visiting and also came over. I know she reads this blog so it would be rude not to give her a mention. Great to see you Kay, it was a pleasure as always. The pictures below are from this weekend, the girls had a fun time outside in the snow with Lynne yesterday. They built a Snowoman named Alice. Other than this, nothing major planned for this week other than the usual drill and a continued longing for Spring…..have a good one all!

I almost forgot to mention how chuffed I was to watch that little rugby game that happened yesterday.....for those of you who don't follow, it was the annual Ireland vs England clash in the Rugby Union Six Nations Championship.  Ireland came out on top this year, just about that is!



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