Friday, April 30, 2010

Health Benefits of Disney.....

A couple of weeks ago I extolled the blessings of yard chalk; well I do need to add two further items to the list. Most parents will know this intuitively, let me humor those of you who have forgotten these little joys and prepare those of you who have yet to find out. Movies and Band-aids (I’ll comment on the latter in a subsequent post).

It’s sad to say that Disney has actually locked both of these must have items up, one can now get every child product known to man with a princess, a fairy or some other animated character on it.

Anyhow, the benefits of a DVD are indescribable. Look at the picture below, how else could you get so many kids of this age to sit like this. This was the scene in our house earlier as they watched Dora the Explorer, which is much better than Disney I think. The tales i could recount here for you all of the Crystal Kingdom. This down time is necessary for everybody at times, the kids, the parents, the nannies even the dog. A final note, our girls get to watch two movies a week, one Friday afternoon with Brooke and one Sunday afternoon – this gives us leverage for good behavior all week long. Nothing snaps them to attention like the threat of losing a movie :))

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