Friday, April 30, 2010

Shakparo Ale

Had an interesting beer just now, thought I’d share some comment. It was called Shakparo Ale from the Sprecker Brewery in Wisconsin. Interesting since it is a beer brewed from Sorghum and Millet with no wheat, barley or oats used. This makes it gluten free beer for those who cannot tolerate that but it was primarily brewed this way to replicate a West African brewing style.

When I saw it in the shop it reminded me of our African trip, Lynne and I sat one day somewhere in the middle of Zimbabwe in the mid day sun with a group of old African men and drank this awful pink looking, foul smelling sorghum brew that was the local delight which they loved. You know us, we love to try new things and this beer hit a few different memories. The beer was OK, I wouldn’t but it again.

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