Saturday, April 17, 2010

Home Safely from Moscow!!

Most of you will have heard of the volcanic eruption this week in Iceland and how that affected all air traffic in Europe. Well I was trapped in Moscow through the second day of this. Virtually all flight options to the US from Moscow go through the major European hubs. We got there through London and were scheduled back through Stockholm. Nope, not this time…..

Our travel services department started putting us on flights down through Rome and Munich which all eventually got cancelled. We finally got on the last direct flight from Moscow to the US, an Aeroflot flight to New York, after having spent 12 hours at a cigarette smoke filled Moscow airport (they did have designated smoking areas but these were spaced about 50 meters apart and were not ventilated at all, they were really only dedicated spaces). Anyhow, after a prolonged flight (11.5 hours), we flew south over Poland and the Mediterranean to avoid the ash, we landed to late to get home so I had to grab a hotel at the airport and then caught an early flight to Chicago before my drive home. All in all, got home a little short of 24 hours after my original schedule, which I do realize is actually quite lucky. Recall that I was in London two days before the volcano blew and I think I’d still be there if I was not in Moscow!

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Lindsay said...

Glad you're home safe, and I'm sure that Lynne is just as thankful as you that you were not in London two days later! :)