Friday, April 02, 2010

Old Photos......Mango

We had some mango today for lunch and I was telling Anja about our time in the Cook islands where we had fresh mango each morning for breakfast, picked the night before from the tree next door. The best mango we ever had, or likely to have again. The picture below features Carina, our friend from Sweden who travelled to the Cooks with us.

We are all well here. Lynne and I took a vacation day today since the weather was so beautiful (82F) and kick-started our garden. We got most of our flower beds cleaned up and mulched (almost 9 yards spread) and started our season of mowing. It felt great to get a day of physical work done! We’re a little tired now so we’re all off out for Chinese buffet for dinner!

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Jo Minion said...

The best mango I ever tasted was in Zimbabwe at your wedding....