Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog

We have another birthday here in West Lafayette this week. The “Blog” turns 5 years old today! I know, I know, this is a little silly and I promise not to do it for another five years, but I had no idea five years ago after posting that first blog post that what started then would be going for so long.
There have been ups and downs, like most things really. There was a nine month hiatus, recall this post which everybody had to endure for 9 months? It's address has also graduated, initially it was listed as: but has now got the more august address of:

As you know it started as a means to share photos of Anja and kept going really. Of course it still serves that purpose but now does the same for both Isabel and Connor and much more too. The posts introducing both Isabel and Connor to you all were highlights, special days indeed.

We have readers all over the US and Europe and once again, many thanks for checking in once in a while. It keeps me motivated so thanks.

Happy Birthday Blog, today is Friday and I think I may just have to celebrate your birthday :))
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Anonymous said...

Well done Paul.

It amazes me how you find the time to sit and write your posts, obviously its great for us here in Europe to get the updates from the blog and see your family grow through the different phases of life!
I recall how I started a blog for my course and thought it would be an excellent "idea" but I never made the second post, so, when I see you have been doing it for five years then I'm well impressed, bravo!


Paul said...

Thanks Clive, certainly appreciate the encourgement!!