Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scotlynn, Cy and Logan

Tonight we had another one of those spontaneous grill-out evenings. The evening sky was clear blue, perfect temperature, low humidity, why not invite some friends. It was Lorraine’s birthday so we had an extra excuse. Happy Birthday Lorraine.

Tonight they brought some of their grandchildren with them; you’ve heard me mention them before, Scotlynn, Cy and Logan. Their parents, Lisa and Cody, were having a well deserved night out together and we know how important those nights are (hope you guys had a nice eveinging!).

Anyhow, wanted to just state that as a parent of three younger children, I’d like to think my children would turn out like Scotlynn, Cy and Logan. They know us quite well but when visiting us tonight their maturity, politeness, charm and kindness is simply amazing to witness. They are still kids but exhibit behaviors beyond their years and for that their parents should be very proud. They are a pleasure to be around. The best part, our kids adore them…simply being so much older guarantees this, they hang on every word Logan iterates and Scotlynn is obviously a model for them. In time of course they will realize that Cy is a fountain of knowledge and will appreciate him for that. It will take time, but I’m starting to realize with kids, time skips along so quickly it’s almost scary!!

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