Saturday, August 21, 2010

Home from India

Having travelled literally halfway around the world, I returned quite tired yesterday evening from India after a six-day trip. It was a rather uneventful trip, I mostly saw the inside of an airplane, an airport, a hotel, a manufacturing facility or a conference room. That pretty much summed it up. We did manage to eat lots of good Indian food and survived it all. I brought the girls back some dresses. I think they liked them, they’re wearing them today anyhow!!

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Davey and Sammy said...

Hey guys, love the new daisy look!

You girls are growing up so fast it's scary. I had to double take at Isabel thinking she was Anja, she looks so beautiful in her birthday dress - happy belated birthday.

A big step in both the girls lives, Anja off to Kindergarten and Isabel with her new grown up bed. Cannot forget Connor, he's like a little 'mini me' (not me of course, his Daddy) - a real cutie.

We haven't been in touch for a while; our feet haven't touched the ground for the last three months. In the last two alone we've been camping six times between UK and Ireland. We've found a new passion, surfing, and cannot get enough of it! We rarely if ever spend the weekend in Dublin, cooped us in a city apartment for the weekend is just not us.

I write this comment while sailing from Dublin to Holyhead en route to pick our new baby, a Ford Transit Duetto Campervan. Not everybody's cup of tea we understand, but we are really really excited and cannot wait to start touring again.

All is well with us this side of the pond and once we get settled with our new baby we will give you all a buzz.

It's fantastic being able to catch up and keep track of the goings-on in your household via your blog. I'm thinking maybe we should start writing some posts on ours too - let you all know how life is on the emerald isle.

All the best for now, thinking of you always.

Davey and Sam