Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Week Off Catching Up Around the House

Lynne and myself have taken this week off to try catching up on all those jobs that tend to not get done when you have three small children. So far we have scraped, primed and painted, trimmed some shrubs and trees, weeded a number of flower beds, edged the front path and power washed it in addition to washing the entire front of the house, did quite a few administrative items related to school start and more and it’s only Tuesday. We still have lots to do!

This weekend, with Randy’s help, we put up new shutters on the front of the house, (thanks Randy). We are now dealing with having a slightly darker green color by doing some paintwork and as everyone knows, once you start cleaning and painting it just inevitably shows what you haven’t done…we are now also going to replace five new windows on the front of the house.

We’re have a great time off. I’m hoping we get some bike riding done later in the week.

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