Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Randy

Today we celebrated Randy’s 60th birthday. Happy Birthday again Randy, it was a pleasure to celebrate this milestone birthday with you. They had a party at their house with lots of guests. We actually celebrated the recent birthdays of four people, Randy, Karen, Dinorah and Kavin. We chilled out all day and as usual stayed late into the evening for dinner and baths. All are soundly tucked in bed now though.

I did take many photos as usual, one of the four celebrants, but my favorite is the one below of Isabel. She and Anja were really excited this morning to be able to wear a pretty frilly pick dress, they thought long and hard about which one to wear. Of course then as we were leaving she paid no attention to which shoes she wanted but the boots took her fancy. She looked cute walking round in this all day.

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