Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I trust you all had a Happy Halloween? We did too here in West Lafayette and the weather was extremely kind to us. The girls’ weekend started off on Friday with a day-trip to The Children’s Museum in Indianapololis. Brooke braved that trip with Anna and Frida together with Kaitlyn their nanny. I think they all had a great time. (Thanks again Brooke).

The kids then started their “Trick or Treatin” off early with Lorraine and Randy at their house on Friday evening coupled with a sleep over with their grandchildren. Lynne and myself even got to go out for a very relaxing dinner for two the following evening whilst they watched all three children. It was just the two of us on Saturday evening; what a treat (thanks again).

Halloween started in earnest this morning (well that is subsequent to fixing a toilet leak and Isabel being sick, but they’re two separate stories). We carved pumpkins and rustled around in the leaves for a while. We went for a little more effort this year with the pumpkins. This afternoon the girls and I watched “How to Train Your Dragon” and after dinner we all headed out around the neighborhood.

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