Saturday, November 20, 2010

Isabel Adenoid Removal Surgery

On Tuesday, poor little Isabel will have her adenoids removed and have temporary tubes inserted into both eardrums. This will hopefully finally get her some relief for her constant nasal, sinus, ear canal stuffiness in addition to eliminating the fluid that seems to be permanently lodged in her eardrums. She is literally walking around these days deaf as a bat since there is so much fluid in her ear. As I’ve recounted in these pages on many occasions, she has had her fair share of ear infections, runny nose and colds. Coupled with all of this, as you all know, she has poor balance resulting in her constant falling and banging into things, she pronounces words poorly since she hears poorly and finally she doesn’t taste or smell very well and snores like a freight train (we now know this for sure given our recent one room hotel stay in New Orleans).

Having enlarged adenoids is generally attributed to this suite of symptoms. They essentially block or hinder the normal fluid drainage down the eustachian tube and cause all sorts of issues. This is a very common situation with children and generally starts becoming an issue at 2 years and gets progressively worse until they grow out of it at about 5 years. She was recent referred by her doctor to an ENT specialist who took about 5 minutes to diagnose and recommend a path forward.

She will have this routine procedure done as an out patient surgery under general anesthetic very early Tuesday morning. We’ll be at home by noon and is fully expected to be bouncing around after only a few days. We are all looking forward to some relief for our little social butterfly!

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