Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Roundup

Our Thanksgiving holiday was extensive this year. It started on Wednesday evening with friends over for dinner, actual Thanksgiving with Kaisa, Kevin and family on Thursday, Christmas tree decorating on Friday and another actual Thanksgiving with Randy and Lorraine and their family Saturday afternoon. We had lots of great food, great company, turkey for the first time this year and truly enjoyable on each occasion, thanks to all.

During this time we have also had a repairman to our fridge/freezer, which was not working due to a faulty relay switch and two visits to the urgent care office. Yesterday morning I finally took myself to see a doctor to determine that I have an ear and throat infection coupled with bronchitis and yesterday evening Isabel’s throat was really hurting her. Unwilling to ignore this due to her recent surgery, we took her to the same doctor that I had seen 10 hours earlier. He switched her antibiotic.

I took many pictures; some of which are shown below but all are shown on our Mobile Gallery.


Julie M said...

I wish we had a "Lorraine and Randy" in Madison. What a wonderful friendship you have with them. Friend envy!

Paul said...

Hi Julie, Craig,
Yes we are very lucky indeed. They help us enormously and offer a great friendship. I hope all is well in Madison and that the weather is not to cold yet?