Thursday, December 02, 2010


Many of you know that today I turned over yet another year of my life. I guess it happens to us all. Many thanks again to all for the cards and happy birthday wishes. The day was generally like most others until I arrived home to hugs and kisses all round. Dinner was ready and everyone was happy. Thanks Love. I had presents and cards from everybody. Gloves and a fleece from the children, which are perfect for this time of the year and a really cool present from Lynne. I’ve been playing with it all-evening, as have the kids before they went to bed for that matter. "We" are now the owners of yet another Apple product, an iPad. It is pretty cool.

Just as treasured as my iPad, however, are the handmade cards the girls made for me. I’m sure 20 years from now I’ll recall the iPad for sure, who knows what will be popular then. I’m positive however, that as I look back at these two cards they will illicit memories that will be both timeless and priceless…… 
Now, I'm about to crack open one of my all-time favourite Oatmeal Stout from Sam Smiths.

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