Monday, January 03, 2011

Marathon Training

I do have a New Year resolution that I’m going to try keeping. One that I’ve wanted to do for some time,  I’m planning on running the Chicago Marathon this year, it’s Sunday 09th October.

There are several marathons throughout the year but I like the idea of Chicago since it’s in the fall and I can train over the summer. I think I’d prefer training in the summer than the winter. It’s also relatively local, a drive instead of a flight. Although it’s a big event, typically has 45,000 people running; I also like the fact that it is one of the World Marathon Majors. I may only end up doing one marathon so I’d like it to be a recognizable one.

I think there are two areas I’ll struggle with, motivation for long runs and staying injury free. One can usually stay injury free if you ramp up speed and distance slowly, motivation is generally in your mind. This is where you can help. When I run on my own I generally listen to music. So if you hear or have a favorite power workout tune that you feel I simply must have, send me an mail, comment or send me a message and I’ll take a listen.

You can follow my training progress, I’ve added my running log back to my links and of course I’ll let you all know how it’s going.

Let the running year begin. The picture below, which I've shown before, is from the Indianapolis half marathon two years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Happy training :) did Anja remember you said she could start running with you when she turned 5?