Saturday, February 26, 2011


The highlight of the week here with us has been Isabel’s strep throat. She broke out in quite a nasty rash on her torso and neck mid week after having peanuts. Darn, where did this peanut allergy come from we were thinking, particularly since she has had no previous issues. A doctor’s visit later and she was on antibiotics for strep throat. Who’d have known!!

Although it does feel like spring is arriving, it’s taking its time. We had snow again later in the week. We did manage however to sample some nice weather last weekend in the back garden, the girls were excited about getting the yard chalk out and we even fired up the grill.

I need to start taking more pictures again; I have slacked off a little. I did manage the shot below this morning of the girls in their typical Saturday morning dress-up garb, it's a pity its slightly out of focus since I love Connor’s little head poking round the corner.

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