Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mum to Visit This Week

We have an exciting week ahead of us here in West Lafayette. My mother will arrive for a month long visit late tomorrow evening. The girls and ourselves are very excited, they have done cards, pictures and letters for her arrival. Then on Thursday, Lynne leaves for a two-week visit to the UK to visit a lab at UMIST. She will be able to take advantage of this trip to stay with her Mum and Dad one weekend and her brother Keith and and wife Sam on the following weekend. So our schedules and routines will be all mixed up for the coming weeks but it will all work out just fine.

We spent most the weekend hanging around the house since it has turned bitterly cold again.  We did dinner with friends, a lot of reading, tea parties, role playing, games, shopping, movies etc etc….Shown below are photos from this past week, Toni and Jack came to visit for a day and the kids took advantage of some nice weather (can you tell Connor likes outside?)

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