Sunday, March 13, 2011

Worm Habitat

Even though it’s still quite chilly, we all managed to get out and about this weekend to soak up some rays. You can tell its time for spring when the girls are pulling on their jackets without prompting and running around the garden chanting “we all have cabin fever”. They built what they described as a “worm habitat”, whatever that is. It’s the little stone formation in the picture below.

Was sad to see Ireland loose to Wales in the rugby yesterday, I was really relishing the idea of a real nail biter in Dublin in two weeks. With the chance of a Triple Crown now gone, all Ireland can hope for is a Grand Slam spoiler. Shouldn’t be too hard to get excited about.

Lynne is off on a short trip to California this week; she’ll leave Monday and be back Wednesday.  Hope you all have a good week!!

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